Did You Know That Traditional Approaches to Learning Simply CAN'T Create the Changes You Want For Your Bright But Struggling Student?


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  • How to identify the inefficient skills causing your child’s learning difficulties
  • How to develop key underlying skills that can permanently change learning challenges, NOT just cover them up
  • Strategies for life and learning that eliminate nightly homework battles and household tension to create a comfortable, confident child who is finally free from learning challenges
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Who are we and why are we qualified to help your child?

For over 35 years, Stowell Learning Center has helped thousands of struggling students stop living with learning challenges and start living with confidence. Jill, our founder and owner, has learned from experts around the world, finding the latest research in order to address the unique needs of each individual student. 

Meet Donovan…

Donovan, 8-year-old former student at our center:

Donovan had such extreme dyslexia that words escaped him both verbally AND visually. Because of his intense anxiety around his dyslexia, he had to be homeschooled. After a year at Stowell Learning Center, Donovan could read and speak without hesitation or jumbling his words. Watch the video to learn more about the journey that led Donovan successfully back to the classroom and the confidence to shine in a live TV interview.


Watch our video now to find out how you can change the course of your struggling student’s life forever!