Is This Your Child?

Does Your Child Show Any of These Signs of Struggle?

  • Difficulty with reading, writing, or spelling
  • Problems with math skills
  • Difficulty remembering, doesn’t retain what was taught
  • Problems paying attention
  • Trouble following directions
  • Poor coordination
  • Difficulty with concepts related to time
  • Problems staying organized
  • Impulsive behavior
  • Trouble making or keeping friends
  • Difficulty paying attention / easily distracted
  • Difficulty finding the right way to say something
  • Inconsistent school performance
  • Immature way of speaking
  • Difficulty listening well
  • Problems dealing with new things in life
  • Problems understanding words or concepts

These are common symptoms, any of which may indicate that there are weak underlying processing/learning skills that are affecting your child’s ability to work to his or her potential.

These challenges can be changed. With specialized training the brain can learn to think and process information in more effective ways. Children and adults do not have to continue to suffer the effects of learning problems but it will typically take more than special education or a traditional tutor.

Here’s a before and after look at some of our students:

  • At 13, Michael was failing all of his classes in school due to an auditory processing disorder.  Now he is in his last year of medical school.
  • At 11, Hector had a language delay and serious attention problems.  Today he is a pharmacist.
  • In third grade, Jessica was a non-reader.  Now, with her doctorate, she teaches teachers how to teach reading!
  • Tessa spent most of her schooling in special educational classes due to dyslexia and math disabilities.  She is now thriving in her second year of college!
  • Alyssa’s attention was so completely out of control in 3rd grade that she talked and moved constantly and could not complete any of her work.  Now Alyssa is completely independent with her work and is an excellent, focused 5th grade student.

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Happy Mom! Happy Family! Happy Life!

“I’m lying down with Aidan as we tell bedtime stories. Hard to imagine a year ago we didn’t snuggle like this. His sensory processing disorder made snuggling uncomfortable for him. Now he’s resting his head on me and going on about good guys (or Ninja Turtles) saving the day from the Naughty Man & his robots. And when I kiss him, he doesn’t pull away anymore. (For the record, we have never let him watch a Ninja Turtle show, but he seems to know all about them).

I don’t care how silly his stories get, I appreciate how bright he is and the fact we can cuddle like I know other parents do with their kids. Aidan has a long way to go, but the improvement in one year is so astounding I have to remind myself how hard it was last year when we have a difficult moment today. Happy mom! Happy family! Happy Life!”