From Struggle to Flight

From Struggle to Flight Dragon’s Teeth in Maui is one of my favorite places in the world.  Here in the coves created by lava flow, you can see sea turtles battling the currents and undertow as the waves pound in and out.  They are incredibly resilient and just keep going no matter how much they…
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Why is Change so Hard?

Once when I was traveling in Europe, I heard some American tourists grumbling that things just weren’t the same in Europe as they are at home!  “Of course not,” I thought.  “Isn’t that why we travel to other countries?  To experience something different?” Most of us do like routine and predictability in our lives most…
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What Do I Say to My Child About His Learning Differences?

Pinterest has the cutest ideas for Valentine’s Day cards! When I was in elementary school, my mom always made sure that I took a Valentine’s card (you know, the silly little cards you buy in a box) for every child in the class.  I think that’s the rule now in most classrooms, but back then,…
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