Primitive Reflexes

Is Poor Executive Function Getting Your Child in Trouble?

The bell rings.  Eleven-year-old Kasey explodes from her desk and races out the door, knocking into a few desks, trampling a few toes, and elbowing several classmates out of the way.  She is SO ready for recess and trots off to grab a ball before anyone else does. Kasey has no idea that there is…
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7 Myths and the Truth About Learning Challenges

Myth #1:  People with learning challenges just aren’t that smart. Truth:  By definition, students with learning disabilities have average to above average intelligence.  This is why it is so frustrating and confusing for all involved when otherwise typical students struggle in school Myth #2:  Students who struggle in school are just lazy. Truth:  After multiple…
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How Retained Reflexes Impact Behavior and Learning

It’s the holidays, and along with the fun comes a whole other set of stressors that may cause already inflexible children (and their families) to miss the magic. Why Does My Child Act This Way? A big snowstorm near one airport can cause flight delays and cancellations all over the country. While people got to…
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