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Life Long Accommodations? I’m Not Buying It!

My mom is always on the lookout for articles from my hometown newspaper that she thinks I’ll be interested in.  A few weeks ago, she cut out an article for me about Bonnie Landau, an Ojai mom who wrote a book for parents of special needs kids – Special Ed Mom Survival Guide:  How to…
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“I’m a Teacher and I Know Nothing”

I could tell that this teacher was a good one.  She had a real heart for her struggling students and provided accommodations and supports to help them be more successful in her classroom. But she wasn’t talking about her students.  She was talking about her daughter.  When it came to her daughter – smart, social,…
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Eliminate Academic Stress and the Need for Coping Strategies

We were working on reading in phrases and she was going along well, when her face started to crumple, her eyes filled with tears, and she began breathing very quick, shallow breaths.  The stress reaction was becoming full-blown very quickly. Just as quickly, when distracted from the task, 10-year-old Serena recovered and became her friendly,…
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