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Primitive Reflexes & Core Learning Skills

Retained Primitive Reflexes & Core Learning Skills Definition, symptoms, testing and treatment Speak to a Learning Specialist ABOUT Explanation of Primitive Reflexes Primitive reflexes are at the very foundation of normal human growth and development. They are the building blocks that stimulate and support higher-level body and brain organization. Natural development starts with reflex movements…
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Episode 16: How Retained Reflexes Impact Behavior & Learning – Jill Stowell & Lauren Ma

In this Episode What it looks like when a child has retained reflexes Reasons why reflexes don’t integrate How retained reflexes impact learning How to integrate retained primitive reflexes with Core Learning Skills Training Episode Highlight “If your child is getting appropriate interventions and they’re not making the changes that you expected they would make,…
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How Retained Reflexes Impact Behavior and Learning

It’s the holidays, and along with the fun comes a whole other set of stressors that may cause already inflexible children (and their families) to miss the magic. Why Does My Child Act This Way? A big snowstorm near one airport can cause flight delays and cancellations all over the country. While people got to…
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