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Episode 66: Auditory Processing and Managing Anxiety – Jill Stowell on the Re-Focus Podcast with Angela Stephens


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    Angela Stephens interviews Jill Stowell on the Re-Focus Podcast.

    In this episode, Jill discusses how parents can help their kids manage anxiety, what auditory processing means and how it can look like ADHD, why accommodations aren't the answer, and how Stowell Learning Center actually provides permanent and lasting solutions to learning and attention challenges for children and adults.

    In this replay of The Refocus Podcast with Angela Stephens, Angela and Jill explore:

    • ADHD and Auditory Processing Disorder
    • Anxiety, especially in children
    • Why Stowell Learning Center is the last stop for parents who are looking for permanent solutions for their kids with learning or attention challenges


    “More and more, parents are coming with a concern about anxiety - especially in our teens, but even in our really young children.

    That seems to be almost an equal concern with reading and academics - the self-identity, self-esteem, and anxiety. And that has gotten even more challenging since the pandemic - that kind of changed everything.”

    -Jill Stowell


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