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Episode 65: “Smart but Struggling” – What Does it Mean? – Jessyka Coulter, Love to Learn 2023


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    Jessyka Coulter interviews Jill Stowell for the "Love to Learn 2023" virtual event.

    In this episode, Jill uses Stowell Learning Center's Learning Skills Continuum to explain why some students struggle in school.

    You'll learn there are whole sets of underlying skills that need to be in place for optimal learning. If any of these skills are weak or inefficient, the attention system is going to be stressed, and the student will struggle.

    Jill also explains why the vast majority of the students who are reported to have attention issues, do not actually have ADHD, but that most attention challenges are just a symptom of a weak underlying skills.

    In this episode, you'll learn:

    • Why students struggle in school
    • Not all attention issues are ADHD
    • Kids do well when they can

    Episode Highlight

    "I just really want the world to know that the struggles associated with learning disabilities and dyslexia do not have to be permanent. They really can change. The brain is amazing!"

    - Jill Stowell


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