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Episode 56: Executive Function, Procrastination, and Strategies – Natalie Borrell and Alison Grant

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    Executive Functioning skills are our mental control skills help us to focus attention, plan, organize, follow through, and manage our behavior.

    These real life skills are not taught in school but are expected and are key to success.

    In this episode we're talking to Natalie Borrell and Alison Grant, Academic Life Coaches at Life Success for Teens. We explore how Executive Function challenges affect teens and their parents, and what's really going on behind procrastination.

    Natalie and Alison give advice on managing Executive Function challenges, procrastination, and ADHD.

    In this week's episode, you'll learn:

    • Executive Function challenges in teens
    • How a teen's Executive Function challenges affect self-esteem, behavior, and their parents
    • Procrastination: what's going on and strategies to help
    • Advice for parents and teens with ADHD

    Episode Highlight

    "The students we’ve worked with are bright and as teens they look pretty grown-up. So it’s really easy for their challenges with organization or getting work in on time to be misunderstood."

    - Jill Stowell




    Natalie Borrell and Alison Grant, Founder and Coach of Life Success For Teens


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