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Episode 37: Dysgraphia – What It is and How to Help – Jill Stowell


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    What if you have a student who is a great speaker, but hates writing. Their writing is illegible, full of spelling mistakes, and number and letter reversals.


    It’s dyslexia, right?


    Not necessarily. The symptoms look similar on the outside, but the student may have dysgraphia which primarily affects a person’s physical ability to write.


    In this week’s podcast episode, Jill Stowell and Lauren Ma share strategies for helping students with dysgraphia.

    In this week's episode, you'll learn:

    • What is dysgraphia
    • Common symptoms of dysgraphia
    • Writing and proofreading strategies to help a student with dysgraphia

    Episode Highlight

    “In this digital age, is handwriting a waste of time? Handwriting has a physiological and psychological link in the brain that impacts integration, attention, fluency and learning. It also has an impact on emotional regulation.”

    - Jill Stowell



    Bonus Q&A

    So how old is too old to work on handwriting?

    Tune in to the Bonus Q&A to hear this discussion and more about what we look for when testing for dysgraphia.

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