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Episode 35: Correcting Dyslexia – Dr. Joan Smith


    In this Episode


    Dyslexia can be corrected.

    And we don’t mean temporary accommodations like dyslexic-friendly fonts. We’re talking about life-long transformation.

    We’ve been correcting dyslexia for over 35 years and the brain research has been out there even longer. But this still isn’t widely known. Join our mission and spread the word that dyslexia isn’t a life-long sentence to struggle.

    This week’s podcast guest is Dr. Joan Smith, author of You Don’t Have to Be Dyslexic. She shares the latest brain research and therapies for dyslexia.


    In this week's episode, you'll learn:

    • Common symptoms of dyslexia like having a weak memory
    • How a dyslexic brain is wired differently
    • Sample therapies used to treat dyslexia

    Episode Highlight

    "People who experience dyslexic learning styles are usually extremely bright, extremely creative, and they're very talented. And I think that's the confusion that often prevents them from getting some help because they are able to cover it so well."

    - Dr. Joan Smith


    Bonus Q&A

    Does your kid confuse the order of words?

    Tune in to the Bonus Q&A for more simple ways of detecting dyslexia in your child so that you can get them tested and treated ASAP.

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