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Episode 32: Mental Health – What is Bullying and What to Do – Danielle Matthew


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    Bullying can come in many forms, even in subtle ways that we don’t notice at first but can build over time. Kids with learning challenges may be more prone to bullying so we want to make sure that you have the tools to help your child rise above bullying.

    This is a hard topic to talk about so I commend you for leaning in. 

    This week’s podcast guest is Danielle Matthew, LMFT and director of the Empowerment Space Bullying Therapy Program in Los Angeles. She shares strategies that will empower your child against bullying, and also benefit the school and community.


    In this week's episode, you'll learn:

    • Different forms of bullying
    • 3 E’s to empower your child
    • Benefits of using a social media contract with your child

    Episode Highlight

    "Bullying is not a one-time thing, and just doesn't go away after one conflict resolution.

    It can stop and start, and stop and start over years. It's important to check-in regularly with your kid to see if they need help creating another solution."

    - Danielle Matthew, LMFT



    Bonus Q&A

    • What guidance can you give teachers and administrators to handle bullying at school?
    • What can you do if you find out your child has been bullied for years no?

    Tune in to the Bonus Q&A with Danielle Matthew for her approach and what she trains parents and educators to do.

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