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Episode 31: Mental Health – Building Resilience and Emotional Control with Rick and Doris Bowman

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    Have you ever met someone that you just instantly felt a connection with and wanted to be their best friend? Or someone you didn’t want to be near at all?

    Everyone gives off “vibes” - parents, teachers, kids, etc. Sound a little woo woo?

    Today you’ll learn the science behind this phenomenon with Rick and Doris Bowman, HeartMath trainers with Masters in Clinical Psychology and Special Education.

    Tune in for a quick daily exercise you can do to build your emotional resilience so the homework battles and other bad vibes won’t ruin your day.


    In this week's episode, you'll learn:

    • Coherence, the science behind feeling another person's “vibe”
    • How to build emotional resilience and better self-regulation
    • How to re-pattern challenging interactions like homework battles with your kids
    • The difference between care and over-care

    Episode Highlight

    "Emotions move quicker than thoughts. The heart has its own nervous system and we find that the heart actually communicates with the brain constantly.

    Emotions that we have are actually affecting our health as well as our ability to self-regulate."

    - Rick and Doris Bowman



    Bonus Q&A

    Is this idea of coherence something that can be translated remotely via video if we're not in the same room for not in the presence of somebody with great coherence?

    Learn how the SLC staff uses visual aids and role playing to help kids build Executive Function in this week’s Bonus Q&A.

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