Don’t Let Learning Challenges De-Rail Your Dreams

wSaturday was a milestone day for my family.  Our son got married to a wonderful girl on a beautiful Southern California day!  We all have hopes and dreams for our kids, and this was certainly one of ours for our son.

I speak daily with parents of smart, talented, wonderful kids whose hearts are breaking because their dreams for their children are being frustrated by learning or attention challenges.

In spite of good intelligence and supportive teachers and parents, these same kids are fighting over homework and shedding tears over being the “dumbest one in the class.”  Of course they aren’t “dumb” at all, but it can feel like it if you’re always the last one to finish your work or the one who stayed inside studying everyday after school and then got a low grade on the test anyway.

Kids spend so much of their lives in school that struggles there simply can’t be ignored.  And they tend to turn a family upside down.

What we know from our 30 years of working with children and adults with learning and attention challenges, is that most of these challenges, including learning disabilities and dyslexia, can be dramatically improved or completely corrected.  It doesn’t happen by doing more of the same, but by identifying the underlying processing/learning skills that are not supporting the learner well enough and developing these through specific brain training.  The brain is meant to learn.  It is amazing.  And once it can access the information it needs, reading, writing, spelling, math, and language can be remediated and the learning will stick!

Don’t let learning challenges de-rail your dreams for your kids!

Children and adults with learning challenges who have average to above average intelligence can and should become comfortable, confident, and independent learners.  It doesn’t happen by chance and it doesn’t happen overnight, but it is absolutely possible!

From Reading Disability to Teaching Teachers

Jessica dreamed of being a teacher.  A near drowning incident when she was young left her with learning disabilities that made reading extremely difficult.

We got the opportunity to work with Jessica when she was 9.  Years later, she sent me a letter saying she had graduated from college and was teaching children with reading disabilities!

A few years later, another letter came sharing completion of her Masters degree in Reading, and then another when she got her doctorate and began teaching teachers at a university.

Learning disabilities do not have to be permanent and do not have to stand in the way of dreams!

What are your dreams for your child?  Are learning or attention challenges getting in the way?  There is hope.

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