Math and Dyscalculia

END The Homework Battle, Permanently

Parents: END The Homework Battle, Permanently If you HOPED this year would be better, and it’s not . . . If you just want your child to LOVE school again . . . There is hope . . . and REAL solutions. We specialize in ending Learning and Attention Challenges, including Dyslexia, by developing the weak,…
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7 Myths and the Truth About Learning Challenges

Myth #1:  People with learning challenges just aren’t that smart. Truth:  By definition, students with learning disabilities have average to above average intelligence.  This is why it is so frustrating and confusing for all involved when otherwise typical students struggle in school Myth #2:  Students who struggle in school are just lazy. Truth:  After multiple…
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What’s it Feel Like to Be Me?

I think everyone has times when they just wish someone could step into their shoes and really understand how they feel. I have a feeling our students with learning and attention challenges may feel this way a lot.  When they are told to try harder, and they’re already trying as hard as they can, it’s…
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