What’s it Feel Like to Be Me?

I think everyone has times when they just wish someone could step into their shoes and really understand how they feel. I have a feeling our students with learning and attention challenges may feel this way a lot.  When they are told to try harder, and they’re already trying as hard as they can, it’s…
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Why is Change so Hard?

Once when I was traveling in Europe, I heard some American tourists grumbling that things just weren’t the same in Europe as they are at home!  “Of course not,” I thought.  “Isn’t that why we travel to other countries?  To experience something different?” Most of us do like routine and predictability in our lives most…
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Could Your Child’s “ADHD” actually be an Auditory Processing Disorder? Does this describe your child? Struggles to focus in a noisy environment Trouble paying attention in class Zones out in conversations Has difficulty following directions Fidgety and easily distracted Delayed response to questions Social, emotional, or behavioral problems Lower academic performance Sounds like ADHD, right? …
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