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Reading Like a Dyslexic Reader

I recently took a trip to Paris. I don’t speak French and I don’t read French, but when French is all there is to read and you want to know where you are, what’s on the menu, and what you’re looking at, you have to try to read French. I am completely mystified by the…
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3 Reasons Why Your Child’s Attention Problem Might NOT Be ADHD (Part 2)

What’s really going on when smart kids struggle to pay attention in school? What could be causing your child’s attention problem? Last week we introduced 3 students who struggle to pay attention in school. Jeremy’s constant wiggling not only keeps him from getting his work done, but is a real distraction to his classmates. Manny…
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3 Reasons Why Your Child’s Attention Problem Might NOT Be ADHD (Part 1)

 “Your child just can’t seem to pay attention in class.  It could be ADHD.”  Yes. It could be ADHD, but did you know that there are many other reasons why kids struggle to pay attention in class and when doing homework?  At Stowell Learning Center, the vast majority of our students have attention challenges, but…
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What IS a Learning Disability, Anyway?

The term learning disability has gone out of vogue because the word “disability” is now politically incorrect.  And in many ways, when talking about students who actually fit this profile, the term learning disability, can be very confusing. By definition, someone who has a learning disability has average to above average intelligence.  In fact, many…
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