7 Common Mistakes Parents Make when their Child has Difficulty with School Part 3

We’ve been looking at mistakes that parents inadvertently make when their children struggle in school.  The first 2 were

  1. Waiting too long before looking for help
  2. Assuming that learning struggles just aren’t that big a deal

Here’s #3…

Mistake #3 – Thinking  Students Will Grow Out Of Learning Problems

Parents are often told or believe that maturity will take care of learning issues.

Learning problems are caused by the way that the brain processes information.   It’s not a matter of trying harder, or waiting until they get older.

Until the brain is trained to process information differently, the same learning problems will continue to persist year after year.

There are specific programs that are designed to make those changes.  They aren’t a “magic pill” or a “quick fix.”  And they aren’t inexpensive.  But the technology and understandings are now available for any student who wants to make those changes.

Brain research over the last 25 years has shown us that the brain can be re-trained – can literally be re-wired to process information more efficiently and easily.  This is exciting news when it comes to correcting learning challenges.

In most cases, students do not grow out of learning challenges, but those same challenges can be dramatically diminished or completely eliminated by pinpointing and developing the weak underlying learning/processing skills that are causing the problem.

Once the brain is getting complete and accurate information to think with, the reading, writing, spelling, or math challenges can be remediated and stick!

Is your child struggling in school?  Don’t assume that he or she will grow out of it.  Take the first step towards correcting the problem:

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“Helping smart but struggling students dramatically improve or completely correct their learning and attention challenges by developing the underlying learning skills that are not supporting the learner well enough.”
We serve children and adults with diagnosed or undiagnosed learning and attention challenges including learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, auditory processing disorders, and autism spectrum disorders.
Jill Stowell, M.S.
Author:  At Wit’s End A Parent’s Guide to Ending the Struggle Tears, and Turmoil of Learning Disabilities
Founder and Executive Director – Stowell Learning Centers

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