All the local theme parks advertising their fright-filled Halloween events, made me remember a deliciously scary Haunted House that I attended when I was 12.  The creepiest thing was being blindfolded and feeling “eyeballs” (AKA peeled grapes).


It’s fun to be scared when you know it’s not real, but many parents spend years of sleepless nights feeling truly frightened for their children who have learning or attention challenges

“What will happen when my child gets to high school?”

“Will my child be able to go to college or be an independent adult?”

“What damage is being done to my child’s self-esteem when he tries so hard and still gets poor grades?”

“What if we try one more thing and it doesn’t help?”

When children struggle in school, it’s scary and confusing.  Smart, talented kids can have mind-boggling struggles with reading or other academic skills.  They seem to get something one day and forget it the next.  Families spend hours and hours slaving over homework, often to see disappointing results.

At our last Parent Information Meeting, every parent shared their desire for their child to be able to become more independent.

That is exactly our goal at Stowell Learning Centers – to help children and adults with dyslexia and diagnosed or undiagnosed learning disabilities to become comfortable, independent learners.

Our work with 1000’s of children and adults over the last 30 years, and the brain research in neuroplasticity shows us that this is absolutely possible.  When smart students struggle with reading or other academic areas, it is almost always because there are weak underlying learning/processing skills that are not supporting the learner well enough.  These are skills such as memory, attention, visual and auditory processing, processing speed, and language comprehension that are not generally taught in school, but are critical to comfortable, easy learning.

When underlying skills are weak, even very bright or gifted students can struggle.  But the brain is amazing!  Through targeted and intensive cognitive training, new, more effective connections, or neuropathways can be developed.  The brain can learn to process information more easily.  Academic skills that were hard can be remediated and stick!

Developing underlying learning skills and permanently improving learning and attention problems changes the future for struggling students!  Experience joy instead of fear as you and your child navigate the school years.

Do you have a child, teen, or adult in your life who is struggling with dyslexia, reading, learning, or attention?  Are you ready for a change?  Here’s your next step:

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“Helping smart but struggling students dramatically improve or completely correct their learning and attention challenges by developing the underlying learning skills that are not supporting the learner well enough.
We serve children and adults with diagnosed or undiagnosed learning and attention challenges including learning disabilities, dyslexia, ADHD, auditory processing disorders, and autism spectrum disorders.
Jill Stowell, M.S.
Author:  At Wit’s End A Parent’s Guide to Ending the Struggle Teas, and Turmoil of Learning Disabilities
Founder and Executive Director – Stowell Learning Centers




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