Aren’t Our Kids Awesome!

AprilWhen my daughter was 5 years old, she and her friend, Drew, decided they would play an April Fools joke on us, so they glued 3 pennies to the pavement right by our front door.  They thought they were so clever!  And they were!

Don’t you just love the funny, creative things kids do?

We have a center full of kids who, in spite of their struggles in school,have special talents or abilities – artists, athletes, and Lego-masters; kids that fix anything that’s broken; and others who make everyone around them laugh and feel good.  Just the other day, we tested a little boy who had almost no language, but he was cute and clever, always finding ways to joke with us.

Parents of a learner who struggles, often have people tell them, “He’ll never be really good at school; just focus on his strengths.”  And we should help our kids develop their strengths, but in most cases, there is no reason why smart kids need to continue to struggle all the way through school!

Yes, it takes time and it can be hard work, but as we see our kids become successful, happy students, it’s so worth it.

I applaud you every day, parents and students for your foresight, effort, and energy in correcting learning challenges.

And that’s no joke!

Do you have a struggling learner?  Are you feeling alone in this journey?


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