Perseverance is Not Just for Athletes!  Go Moms!


1I normally try NOT to watch ads on TV, but I’ve been quite drawn to some of the commercials aired during the Olympics.

I’m not even sure what they’re advertising, but I love the commercials that show athletes as children going through both the excitement and growing pains (and real physical pains) of learning their sport.

The thing I especially love is the tribute to the moms who are by their young athlete’s side all the way, crying with them, cheering them on, fixing up scrapes and bruises, and helping them to never give up.

If you’re a parent you can probably relate, but especially if you’re the parent of a child or teen with a learning challenge.  It’s not quite as physically demanding, perhaps, but encouraging, supporting, and coaching your child through homework and school can be equally as tough.  Lots of energy, lots of fears, lots of heartache.  But celebrations, too, as little goals and milestones are met.

So here’s to you moms (and dads) for being that ever-present support in the trenches and on the sidelines.

One thing that is critical for athletes in any sport is solid foundational skills.  The spins, jumps, and impressively scored goals would never happen if the athletes couldn’t ski, board, or skate “in their sleep.”  If their energy and attention had to be focused on the basics of just staying on their feet, they could never attempt the Olympic feats that we see them perform.

Comfortable, efficient, automatic learning also has foundational skills that must be in place.  Weak or inefficient underlying skills can cause smart students to struggle with reading or other academic skills in spite of all kinds of tutoring and support.

If you have a smart but struggling learner, there is hope for change.  The underlying learning/processing skills needed to make learning easier and more fun can be developed.

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