In the past few weeks, as the rest of the nation has hit record low temperatures, I have been extremely grateful to be living in Southern California where we believe 60 degrees is “freezing!”

In So Cal, we not only have the mountains and the beach nearby, but we also have the “Happiest Place on Earth” AKA Disneyland.  If you saw the wonderful movie, Saving Mr. Banks, you may know that Walt Disney had “classic signs of ADHD.”  He also had dyslexia, a specific learning disability related to difficulty with words, particularly for reading and spelling.

This year, the International Learning Disabilities Association Conference is being held on the Disney property in Anaheim, CA.  There are a tremendous number of outstanding speakers that parents, teachers, other professionals in the field, and adults with learning disabilities will find helpful.  So Save the Date!

Here’s a link that will help you find out more about the LDA conference:


Learning disabilities don’t necessarily stop brilliant, creative minds like Walt Disney from pursuing and achieving their dreams, but they can make the journey quite painful along the way.

At Stowell Learning Center, we know both from the brain research and from working with 1000s of children and adults over the past 29 years, that most learning and attention challenges, including dyslexia, can be dramatically improved or completely corrected.

If you want to know more about correcting learning challenges, JOIN US for a Parent Information Night.

If you’re feeling alone as a parent trying to help your struggling student, we have a FREE parent support group (P.E.A.C.E.) that’s just for you.

For information and RSVP go to www.learningdisability.com

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