Fright is Not Just for Halloween Night


A few weeks ago at our information meeting, a teenage girl shared:  “I want to do things without fear.”

Struggles in school often have much bigger consequences than poor grades.

  • Socially, kids, especially teens, are often fearful that someone will know they struggle and think they’re dumb.
  • Students are afraid of disappointing their parents and teachers.
  • Changes in routine can be very unsettling for some children because their underlying skills don’t support them well enough to predict what will come next.
  • Visual perceptual problems can cause some people to feel disoriented and frightened walking through a new place or going up and down steps.
  • Weak auditory processing skills (which might be kind of like listening with a bad cell phone connection all the time) can cause a person to feel anxious and lost.

In order to move comfortably through our world and function with ease and flow in our lives, the messages that are coming into the brain and being communicated between the brain and the body need to be clear, complete, and accurate.

At the most basic level, much of the communication flowing between the brain and body via our nervous system happens as a result of reflexes.  Reflexes that are active when not needed or not active when needed, create glitches in that communication.

Unintegrated reflexes, or reflexes that are not working properly, cause stress to our whole system and push us into “fight or flight” mode.  Spending too much time in “fight or flight” when we don’t actually need to be fighting or running for survival, can lead to anxiety, depression, illness, fearfulness, lack of confidence, and a myriad of learning or attention challenges.

Thankfully, we know now from decades of clinical evidence and research that reflexes can be integrated and most learning, attention, and related fearfulness and anxiety issues can be corrected.

At our learning center, we have a number of ways to address these challenges, including a very exciting new (at least to us!) cold laser technology.  More about that later.

For now, have a safe and happy Halloween.  Here’s to confining fear and fright to Halloween and eliminating it from students’ everyday lives.


If you’d like to understand more about why smart kids struggle in school and what can be done to permanently correct those challenges:

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