The Family’s Not The Problem

The Family’s Not The Problem.

The Problem Is The Problem And The Problem Can Be Solved.

This statement was made by a colleague, a local Marriage and Family Therapist, Judy Riggan, and I thought it was brilliant.

We both work with children and families who are dealing with learning challenges of some kind and were talking about how having one child with a learning challenge can affect the whole family.

One child needs so much help that the other siblings feel left out.  Family activities get put on hold because there’s no time left after homework, even on weekends.  Parents don’t see eye-to-eye about the problem and what should be done.  The family ends up in crisis.

But the family isn’t the problem.  The learning problem is the problem, and what we know from brain research and from working with thousands of children and adults with learning challenges over the years is that most learning challenges, including diagnosed learning disabilities and dyslexia can be permanently corrected.  Students do not have to continue to struggle in school year after year and families do not have to continue to experience the pain and tension that typically accompany that struggle.

Right now is the time to begin making the real changes that will make next school year better.

For information about how you can get the kind of help that will solve the underlying learning challenges and get your child on the road to academic success, call 909-598-2482 (Chino, CA) or 949-477-4133 (Irvine, CA) or visit

If we are not local for you, we may be able to help you find someone who is.

My best to all as you finish the school year and head into summer!  Jill Stowell

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