Here's The REAL Root Cause of Learning Challenges and Why Traditional Approaches Aren't Enough:

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Video Timeline

  • 0:00 Braben! (YES!  It's spelled correctly!)
  • 1:15 What’s Going On?
  • 1:30 What If?
  • 3:55 What does it mean when smart kids struggle in school?
  • 4:55 The Four Ways Learning Challenges Affect You or Your Child 
  • 6:20 I Know My Child Is Smart!
  • 6:55 Mental Tools 
  • 7:45 The Learning Skills Continuum - What are the skills that good learners have?
  • 12:33 Michael
  • 15:30 Identifying and Developing a Plan to Correct a Learning Challenge
  • 16:12 Donovan
  • 18:55 The "Research Journey" 
  • 20:20 Accommodations Are Not Enough! 
  • 22:25 Real Changes For You Or Your Child 
  • 24:00 What’s Next?  What can you do?

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