Reading, Math and Academic Solutions

We help students increase their reading, writing, spelling, and comprehension skills. We take the struggle and confusion out of math. We help students learn, study, and pay attention better. We do this by:

  • Using research-based, multisensory methods that make the subject make sense and stick!
  • Matching and combining programming options to the specific needs of each student
  • Supporting development of attention, memory, and other critical processing skills while developing the academic skills
  • Working one-on- one. This is the optimal way to meet individual needs.

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Knowing How To Get Through Life

“I think I’ve changed a lot at SLC. I have been learning a lot more. I matured a lot. I learned how to be more organized. I learned more social intelligence. Knowing different ways to take notes, knowing how to get through life, what is important and what’s not… that is a taste of SLC.”