Monthly Live Q&A Replay

Challenging Behaviors Q&A - June 21, 2022

PEACE is a monthly live Q&A for parents facilitated by Lauren Ma, Director of Growth and Operations at Stowell Learning Centers.

This month, we answered your questions about Challenging Behaviors with special guest, Debra Ann Afarian of Helping the Behaviorally-Challenging Child. Thank you for all the great questions and participation!


Additional Resources Referenced During the Q&A:

Helping the Behaviorally-Challenging Child (HBCC) - Debra Ann's non-profit offers parent classes, support group, and educator trainings for those in the Orange County area.
Think:Kids - Virtual parenting classes and Collaborative Problem Solving trainings for those not local to Orange County.
SLC Mom Squad - a private Facebook group for parents of kids with learning and attention challenges. Gain support from other parents who understand what you are going through!
Jill's new book: Take the Stone Out of the Shoe: A Must-Have Guide to Understanding, Supporting, and Correcting Dyslexia, Learning, and Attention Challenges is now available in paperback and Kindle. To purchase on Amazon, CLICK HERE
IEP Toolbox Bookclub Series - We are excited to announce our monthly in the new school year where we'll be reviewing the practical tools and strategies from Take the Stone Out of the Shoe. Our first meeting will be Tuesday, September 13th at 5:00 p.m. Pacific.

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