AMPS (Attention, Memory, and Processing Skills)

Cognitive Training Program

What is AMPS?

AMPS is a cognitive processing skills program based on proven ideas from the fields of behavioral optometry and cognitive neuroscience. These brain exercises are designed to improve mental processing speed, working memory, attention, sequential processing, spatial orientation, visual and auditory memory, phonological awareness, motor planning, problem-solving, and reasoning.

How Does it Work?

  • AMPS uses fun and challenging non-academic activities to build more efficient mental tools for thinking and learning.
  • The 46 different procedures provide variety and interest for the student while reinforcing new skills in many ways.
  • AMPS is provided on a one-to-one basis.
  • Because it is literally developing new, more efficient neuro-pathways, or connections in the brain, the frequency of instruction is critical to the process. For best results, it should be provided 4-6 hours per week in 30-60 minute sessions.
  • Just as practice and drill develop skills in sports, AMPS drills develop skills for learning and academics.

Who is it For?

AMPS is designed for those who want their brains to work better and faster. It is particularly helpful for those students diagnosed with reading problems, dyslexia, attention disorders, working memory deficits, visual and auditory processing disorders, and slow processing speed. Not just for students! AMPS has been beneficial for individuals with brain injury and adults (including seniors) desiring more healthy and flexible cerebral functions.

Parents Report

  • More attentive and able to remember things better
  • Now he is “getting it”
  • Can read better and sounds out words much better
  • Getting better grades
  • Able to stay focused on homework longer
  • Self-esteem has improved! More confident
  • Doing homework on his own

Teachers Report

  • Improvement in completing assignments
  • Improvement in attention
  • Better attitude towards school

What Students Say

  • Reading easier / better and faster
  • Easier to listen and pay attention
  • Schoolwork and homework easier
  • More confidence, less anxious

Working Memory can increase as much as 90%