P.E.A.C.E - Live Q & A

Parent Enrichment and Continuing Education

PEACE monthly live Q&A

Parent Enrichment and Continuing Education

  • Are you constantly having to repeat yourself?
  • Do other people have a hard time understanding what your child says?
  • Does your child's teacher say it's an attention problem, but you know it's something else?Your child's learning problem could actually be a LISTENING problem, and AUDITORY PROCESSING could be the cause.Join the live meeting to learn:
  • The signs and symptoms of auditory processing challenges
  • What underlying skills may be getting in the way of making progress with traditional interventions
  • Strategies for supporting your child at homeAs well as get your questions answered about your child

Can't make the live meeting? Submit your questions ahead of time. All registrants will be emailed a recording of the meeting afterward.

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