Briana Hurst

Does Your Child Have the Right Tools for the Job?

Weak underlying mental tools cause smart students to struggle in school My husband is fond of saying, “If the only tool you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”  But the bottom line is that even though a hammer may be an excellent tool, it isn’t the right tool to do all jobs.…
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Is the Problem Really ADHD?

Raquel was a third grader reading at a first grade level when she was diagnosed with ADHD.  Her parents were not sold on the diagnosis or the suggested “solution” of medication so they kept searching for answers. When we tested Raquel, we found that she actually had dyslexia.  Her weak ability to process the sounds…
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“Now I Can Exhale”

As a parent, when your child is struggling, you may feel like you can hardly breathe.  You search for answers and will do almost anything to help, if only you knew what to do. When we got to the end of our parent night last week, one of the moms said, “Now, I can exhale!”…
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