Briana Hurst

“Shakespeare?? Just Shoot Me!”

The tenacity and resilience of dyslexic children and adults never ceases to amaze me!  I was doing a radio interview this morning and the host, Christina Nitschmann said, “If only I’d known you when I was in school!”  She went on to say that she was dyslexic and couldn’t read when she entered junior high. …
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Mental Flexibility Makes Choices More Fun!

Last weekend I saw a mom and her two little boys at the counter of an ice cream shop trying to decide what flavor to choose.  And there were so many choices!  The little guys were so excited! It made me think about a breakthrough that one of our students had a few years ago. …
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What About Kids with Autism?

Several years ago, my wonderful friend and mentor, Dr. Joan Smith and I were standing around “solving the world’s problems” with learning challenges.  As we talked about what could be done and what techniques to use, I said, “But what about kids with Autism?” Joan said, “Jill, we’re teaching kids.”    Her message was, it’s not…
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