Briana Hurst

Celebrating Transformation

It’s mind-boggling for me to think about, but 33 years ago, when I was still in my twenties, I opened the learning center to help smart but struggling students become better readers. While our understanding and techniques have developed tremendously over the years, the joy of watching frustrated children and adults transform into confident learners…
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HOMEWORK: Bonding Time or Battleground?

I’m sitting in Starbucks writing and sipping a hot cup of coffee, listening to a dad and young son enjoying doing homework.  Did you get that?  ENJOYING doing homework.  The little boy needed a fair amount of guidance and Dad was very patient, but the instruction was received with smiles and understanding. I think that’s…
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Should My Child Be Tested for a Learning Problem?

Moms are very astute when it comes to their children, so when something is not right, moms usually know. Typical children feel overwhelmed or unhappy about homework at times. They may even come home saying they feel stupid or hate school once in a while. But when an otherwise happy, energized child routinely whines, sobs,…
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