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Has Tutoring Failed You?

Have you tried tutoring and it failed miserably? Or are you caught in the trap of endless painful tutoring–Where your child can get by and pass a class but only with endless tutoring which eats up most of their free time and makes everybody miserable?

mom hates hwIf this describes you and your child, then tutoring is not addressing the real problem. At best, it is only  covering up symptoms.

If your child is otherwise smart, but they do poorly  in school, then it is very likely they are actually  missing underlying learning skills. The good  news is, this is a problem which can be fixed,  permanently ending the need for tutoring. I can tutor you all day long, but how well will you learn if the words on the page read like this?

Yu era gogin ot eveh a drah tmie gninrael

As you might guess, you are going to have a hard time learning. I can tutor you all day long, but if when I speak it sounds like:

Zoz arz zzing zo zave a hzzd tzze lezzzing

Yep. You are going to have a hard time learning. Did you know, these are exactly the problems we see all of the time with kids who struggle in school? Is it any wonder tutoring doesn’t help or is extremely slow and painful?

Think of learning like a pyramid. At the top of the pyramid are the typical activities you do at school. pyramid
At the top of the pyramid are academic skills like reading, writing, math, history, and science.

You cannot support these skills without the bottom of the pyramid. At the bottom of the pyramid are underlying brain processing skills involving fundamentals like seeing and hearing and focusing — yes focusing is a fundamental skill too!

If there are problems at the bottom of the pyramid, at the root, there will be problems at the top.

Traditional tutoring assumes that these underlying skills are in place. This is not true. If you tried tutoring and it isn’t working then the learning problem is actually at the bottom of the pyramid.

The great thing to know is, learning skills can be fixed!

Students don’t have to go through life held back by the bottom of the pyramid. The brain can be retrained to see, hear, and focus. We can eliminate the need for most tutoring.

A parent of a 6th grader told wrote us this:

“Braden must be one of your greatest success stories! Last year his teachers said he’d change future 2never get an A. This year he has all A’s and B’s.”

Over twenty years we have assembled an entire
series of specialized remediations to permanently correct weak underlying skills. We fix the bottom of the pyramid. We permanently stop the pain, frustration, dependence, and embarrassment which learning problems cause.

Are you interested in learning more? Twice a month we offer a free lecture on how to truly  overcome learning challenges. We invite you to  attend. Fill out the form on this page to be invited to  the next event and to get our free brochure  “Symptoms of underlying learning problems: How  to know if tutoring is NOT the right answer.”

A parent of a 9th grader wrote:

“Corey is a different kid. You wouldn’t believe it. He’s out of special education and getting all As and Bs on his own. He’s in the top core group and on two sports teams at school. He always goes right in and does his homework right away. He reads all the time. We know he could never have done it without help from you. I get goosebumps just talking about it.”

girl reading at nightOur programs have helped thousands of children dramatically improve and permanently correct learning challenges. We have developed clinical, evidence-based programs to re-train the brain to create a solid foundation for future learning and eliminate the need for tutoring.

Don’t let learning challenges hold your child back  when there are ways to FIX them. Get your  invitation to attend the next Parent Night by  completing the form on this page.

If underlying problems are holding your child back  discover how they can join Brett, a fifth grader who  wrote us himself saying:

“My grades before were Ds. Now they are As and Bs. It makes me feel special to be known as a smart kid to other people.”

~Brett, 5th Grade

We are Stowell Learning Centers, located in Irvine and Chino, CA. We look forward to showing you how we can make a significant difference in your and your child’s life. Attend our next free parent’s night and receive our free brochure by completing the form below.

Yours for a Brighter Future,

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